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16.02.2014  Overall winners (unofficial, preliminary results):1. ALRAJHI Yazeed/GOTTSCHALK Timo2. VASILYEV Vladimir/ZHILTSOV Konstantin3. VARELA Reinaldo/GUGELMIN Gustavo
16.02.2014  13:00. #35 (Suominen) Went off the track near the finish line. Tries to continue.
16.02.2014  12:40. #22 (Novikov) is driving along the route with flashers.
16.02.2014  12:30. #30 (Kolembet) lost wheel, retired.
16.02.2014  12:25. #17 (Chekalev) retired for technical reasons.
16.02.2014  11:55. Snowfall is starting to cover the track.
16.02.2014  11:40. #15 (Fomin) stopped. The crew is OK.
15.02.2014  Day 2 photogallery is available
15.02.2014  Day 2 results and startlist for day 3 are available in "Participants - Documents" section.
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2003 The event was held for the first time. The ceremonial start took place at St.Isaac's Square in Saint-Petersburg. The competition was a round of both the Russian Cup and the Russian Championship.

2004: The race was conducted in its more compact version, with start and finish close to Sosnovo settlement (the Leningrad region). There were just 30 km of liaison to 550 kilometers of the special stages.

2005: The ceremonial start was held in Saint-Petersburg once again. The race itself used its traditional route, with 43 participants and 8 teams taking part in it. For the first time the event was visited by guests from France and Italy.

2006: The competition was included in the FIA calendar - for the first time in its history. The start took place in the city of Priozersk (the Leningrad region). There were 14 crews nominated in the international classification and 37 - in the Russian Championship one.

2007: The race was included in the FIA calendar and was held as an international competition according to the General Prescriptions. There were 23 entries from Russia, France, Latvia and Belarus in the international classification, among them - Christian Lavielle and Dominique Housieaux. The event got a high praise from the sportsmen and guests.

2008: "Northern Forest" was held as a candidate event to the FIA International Cup for Cross-Country Bajas. The ceremonial start returned to Saint-Petersburg as its venue. A Super Special stage was held at the new stadium, which had been built specially for motorsport competitions.

2009: "Saint-Petersburg-Northern Forest" is the 2nd round of the FIA International Cup for Cross-Country Bajas. The ceremonial start takes place in the historical centre of Saint-Petersburg, while a spectacular Super Special stage is again run in the city's suburbs on a new stadium. The race gets a high appraisal from the FIA experts.

2010: The race is re-branded into Russia – Northern Forest and is again the 2nd event in the FIA Cup for Bajas. The general concept is changed a little bit to become more spectator-friendly and convenient for competitors. Albeit the race route gets more compact, it is no less difficult than usual.

2011-2012 Not run.

2013: Baja Russia Northern Forest 2013 edition - a candidate event for the World Cup.

2014: Baja "Russia - Northern Forest" will become a first round of the World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies in 2014.




14-16 February - Baja Russia - Northern Forest
26 April - Gold of Kagan (Astrakhan Region)

25 May - Baja Crimea (Ukraine)
13 July - Silk Way
16 August - Baja Belarus (Belarus)
15 September - Latvian Baja (Latvia)




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