Northern Forest Baja

16-18 February 2018




Maria Oparina

Competitors relations coordinator

+7 921 309 09 29


Eligibility to score points in the FIA World Cup / FIA Registration

Please inform the competitors that, in order to score points in the FIA World Cup classifications, they have to register with the FIA before the closing date for entries of the first World Cup rally/baja entered (Arts 1.3 and 1.4 of the 2017 Sporting Regulations of the FIA World Cup for Cross‐Country Rallies). The online registration form shall be made available in the area of the FIA website dedicated to the World Cup ( by 16 January. The registration is free of charge.


   Important technical changes have been implemented this year.

‐ Protection padding: Art. of the 2017 Appendix J

‐ Fuel Tank for T2s: Arts 283.14 and 284.6.8 of the 2017 Appendix J

‐ Fire extinguisher for T1s: Art. of the 2017 Appendix J

‐ Distance between rollcage and helmet: Art. of the 2017 Appendix J.

If you require invitation for visa formalities, please send the copies of the following documents to

- Name, Surname,

- passport scan

- passport no

- birth date

- citizenship

- home address

- your role in the event (driver, co-driver, media, mechanic, etc)

- place where you plan to request a visa (place and name of consulate/embassy)


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